Monday, December 13, 2010

Why is Santa Claus white in Guatemala?

Hey everyone!
I´m serious about that question, you would think that a country comprised of solely Latinos would respect their heritage enough to make Santa a Latino as well, but all I´ve seen is white Santa Clauses. On second thought maybe it´s better this way due to the fact that white people are in short supply and if I was ever looking for work one December after my mission I could make bank down here. Now if only I could gain a little weight...
Anyway, this week was really good because Jose finally attended church! We have been talking with Jose very directly this week about his goal to drop his drinking habit the 20th of December and while he still messed up this week we were very grateful for the miracles that occurred to get him to church. First off he was in his house Saturday night for our lesson that we had set with him which was very surprising. Second he only had a little bit of alcohol in him and so he could understand our lesson. Not that he has ever been drunk in a lesson before, but usually he just isn´t there, so we were grateful for that. So because he only had a little Saturday night, he was able to commit to us to go and was able to attend with his two kids.

Jose almost seemed a little bored in church but he told us that he really enjoyed his experience which is a good sign. He is continuing to read and wants to attend next week as well. He is getting more and more serious about his goal with every visit and I think we´re going to set up a baptismal date with him this week. Also his kids loved church which is another huge step for the family. We are hoping that the children as well as the progress of her husband can soften Mariela´s heart to consider that our church might contain the truth and to sincerely pray about it to find out for herself what is the truth. She says she prays but from her actions we can see that it isn´t sincere if she actually is asking if this is the truth.

So that was good and we have high hopes for Jose and his family! The kids are incredible and always remind their Dad about church and about his goal to drop drinking haha. How sad it is that some families have such a bad example of the father and just follow suit when they grow older. I hope the gospel can change that tradition in the Rivas Family. Their names are Yoselin (as in Josaline I think) and Jonathan. Yoselin is 9 years old and Jonathan is 7 years old.

Another good thing this week is that the members are starting to help us and present their friends to us. One , a recent convert who is 18 years old, named Maydi is incredible. She always is trying to set us up with her friends and was successful this week. She finally got her neighbors, a family with a child, to go to her house and hear our message. We were all around a fire and shared a message with the wife because the husband couldn´t be there but we have another lesson with them tonight so we´ll see. THere are others that are giving references and all is well!

I have to run but I love you guys and hope you are enjoying Christmas. I´m so jealous the missionaries there can have ukuleles.


(I told Ben that the missionaries in the Columbus, Ohio mission are allowed to have ukuleles to use to sing with the members in their homes...he loves playing the ukulele!)

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