Monday, February 14, 2011

No time!

So.... I was preoccupied with other emails so I have almost no time but I have the best keyboard that I have had yet in Guatemala here at this internet cafe so I´m going to fly. This also means my english will be even worse then usual. You have permission to make fun of me.

So this week was a bit strange. While I´m not going to say anymore about my companion because that doesn´t help anything just know that he is trying to completely leave me out of the work at this point. Very frustrating but I´m trying to deal with it without getting frustrated or mad, because I´m really trying to do everything I can. So I´m happy and hanging in there! Changes are next week so we´ll see what happens. Anyways the reason this week was weird was because there were 3 church records that were lost from about 10 years ago so we need to teach and baptize 3 teenagers again in the ward. We have new investigators with baptismal dates, and so it looks like we are having a lot success right now but in reality we´re just doing administrative business. The truth is we have been left with very little after the baptisms but have found a lot of potential investigators this week, with a few of them being families, so I hope that some of them progress.

The family of Beatriz and Alsidez (I think I told you about them if not let me know and I will tell you how we found them) told us this whole week that they were going to attend church. We went to their house in the morning and they had ¨gone to the market¨ in the morning which means they were in the house and didn´t want to come. I don´t understand because Beatriz has said that she knows this is true and wants to be a part of the true church, but doesn´t want to go to chruch. Alsidez is already a member if I didn´t mention that and has been inactive for years, but has said he wants to return so we´ll see. I think it might have to do with the fact that they are both very logical people and she said this was true before having prayed. She has yet to pray and just tells us when we ask her about her prayers that she already knows its true and tries to avoid the question. There is such a difference between knowing the church is true logically, and really feeling it, because a deep understanding of these things only comes from a witness, and this is when behavior changes.

Anyways, it was pretty uneventful, although Jorge is so amazing. He has been going out with us and always talks about a mission. He reads every day and has shared what he thought about the Joseph Smith History and the chapter he is in at the time. He really is a special person that was prepared for this gospel and I am so grateful to have been involved with his baoptism. I have to go but I love you all and will talk to you soon!

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