Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Hey everybody!
The title is my companions new favorite phrase in english. Its hilarious.
First off to answer Moms questions, The rainy season seems as if it's over but technically it stops when November starts. The weather is beautiful right now though. Also Elder Tarax is from Guatemala, just another City and has 9 months in his mission. He's easy to get along with but of course gets frustrated as everyone does sometimes, so some random times he just acts weird and I don’t why and he doesn’t like to tell me, but always within a little bit hes back to his happy self. Sometimes we have a difference in opinion on how to execute our schedule and that can be awkward but its never been a big problem.
So this week was great. We taught a lot which was good and felt good. I would say the coolest thing that happened was that the date was 10/10/10. I was thinking about the days when I used to celebrate stuff like that in elementary school, and thought that’s how life should be. We should be able to find any excuse to party and make a huge cake in the shape of the number 10. After that thought, I wanted that exact cake and a fork. Also in that moment I realized I was in a road with a starving ugly dog sniffing my shoes. I think he wanted that cake as well.
Just kidding that wasn’t the coolest thing. The most amazing thing hands down was that we were able to have a family home evening with the family of Jose O.. His wife has been stubbornly opposed to hearing our message so we thought we would invite her to have a family home evening with us in a more casual setting. To our surprise she accepted and we had a family home evening with the ENTIRE family. This was huge step. We shared a short message about the importance of families, played a game, and had rice krispy treats (which I happened to make, yes I have become a pro at those, do they have a profession for that?). They have a great tight knit family and we made great strides in gaining the trust of the wife of Jose (Telma). She has now agreed to hear more (tonight) and we have high hopes for their family. Something not so good happened with the Florez Chavez family. We had a lesson with him where he talked for 20 minutes about how the Book of Mormon was true, but that the Koran was also true, and Buddah was also a prophet. The family is great but theyre not going anywhere so we decided to drop them. I was bummed but they have their agency so there is no use in continuing to sit through his lectures on our dogma of faith (his favorite phrase). Maybe he will come around one day. Rubi as well is not progressing, she wont keep commitments and is starting to be flaky about lessons. We really have hope for her and her family though so were going to continue to pray and work with here because she has a sincere desire for the truth.
Another item of interest is that we have our first changes next week and everyone tells me that Im going to leave just because we opened a new area, and they need my trainer to stay and that a lot of new missionaries are coming in so I will probably leave. Im going to be bummed to leave this area for sure. A missions weird. Youre asked to work with and get close to a certain people and right when you feel as if you are accomplishing that goal many times you are asked to leave. But, at the same time a new area is exciting, so well see what happens. I might know by next email I might not.
Anyway we have some new investigators I'm excited about but Ive decided I'll just write you about my progressing ones because a lot of them have potential until the second lesson that doesn’t happen because they don’t want anymore to do with it. Im learning more every week and miss everyone! I love you all, but would love you all more if you were latinos and had mustaches.

Some random pictures out tracting...enjoying the great weather!

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