Monday, October 18, 2010

Parenting Styles in Guatemala

Hey Everybody,
Sounds like everyone is doing great and anxiously awaiting the birth of Will as am I. I'm of course bummed I won't be there but the Lord will bless me as Will's favorite Uncle because of my service. Wait a second…
Anyway this week was really good! Especially with the O. family with Telma. I thought you would like to know that last Monday night she shared with us that during our Family Home Evening she felt a unity and peace with here family that she had never felt before. I had no idea the impact it had on her, and we were ecstatic to find out. She was so set in her Church before, but due to that experience with the Spirit she is now doubting that her church is the true church because she has never tried anything different. The whole family is reading and praying to know its true, so please please pray for them. We had a few more lessons with them, one of them we showed them how to make rice krispy treats, which they love, and shared a message about church and invited them to church. They had reasons why they couldn’t attend but I think if we extend the invitation a little earlier in the week and really show them why its important they will attend with us. I keep wanting to write assist with us because to attend is asistir in Spanish. My English will be awful when I return I can feel it. Anyway we also watched the restoration with them and the spirit was very strong. I started to ask them how they felt after the video and they said really good. They said they could see that he was just a boy that wanted to know the truth not some guy who started a church for money. I forgot to mention we brought a member with us to this lesson, who then went on to ruin the lesson. He thinks he is very smart and at this moment where the spirit was very strong, he went on to talk about the 3 pillars of the gospel and how we have what other churches don’t. We were very frustrated, so my point is, if you are ever helping the missionaries just help them how they want you to. The family is still going strong though and we have high hopes for them. Sorry that was extremely ADD Im rushing and my emails come out jumbled and confusing so I hope you can piece that together.
Anyways we have another family, the Ignacio Family, that is progressing as well, and the thing is they attended church! This felt really good because getting people to attend church has been so hard for us. They really liked church and the primary program, and are really praying to know this is true. The fact that they are keeping commitments shows their desire and we are hoping to talk about baptism this week and set a goal for baptism with them because they are really good people. They have a kid though who is literally insane. Parents here don’t discipline their kids, they just give them what they want and smack them on the head when they misbehave, as a result the kids are spoiled. Our biggest problem with the Ignacio Family right now is their kid Josue. He walks up to his parents while we are talking and tells them to stop talking and starts yelling, making it impossible for the spirit to be there. We are going to start bringing candy and stuff for drawing to keep him occupied. Speaking of kids, our cook Moroni fed his one year old Coke out of the bottle the other day, needless to say, parenting is a tad different here.
Anyways it was a good week, I'm sad that I might leave tomorrow, I will find out tonight if I will be emailing you in another place next Monday. I really want to see my investigators progress and be baptized but chances are that I will leave just with how the training zones work here. Anyways Hector I need your address could someone send that to me via email? I have a letter for you big guy.
I miss you all and love you!

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