Monday, January 17, 2011

Still in Chimaltenango!

Hola mi familia amado,
I think I just wrote hello my beloved family because in that part of the first vision it says amado for beloved, but if it doesn't translate directly it means something like that. To answer Mom and Dad's questions... Jorge has become a part of the ward group and that is why he is prorgessing so fast. There is a girl who gave him a Book of Mormon before we even taught it and by the time we got to that lesson this week he was in Alma 42. This teenager is incredible. We also taught the Word of Wisdom and he hasn't drank coffee for 2 months. I can't tell you how excited I am about the future of this kid. The best part is he has committed to baptism for the 29th and his Dad (who is a pastor) has agreed to sign his papers. He turns 18 next month but doesn't want to wait. His desire and actions speak more than his words because he has the lessons with his friend there so that's always a little harder when expressing yourself, but we can really feel that he really truly wants to know the truth and is doing everything to find it (he's already found what am I thinking?). It is so gratifying to start with someone like that and see them progress. I don't really feel like we've done much except speed the process along thank you to the members haha, but that's the way missionary work should be right? Also for Dad, the average tempeature here is around 55 or 60? I don't know that is a complete guess, but usually it is pretty hot in the day (only in the sun) and pretty cold at night, so we have to carry our fleeces in the day to wear them at night. Not as crazy as the weather in Utah, but it changes, especially in this month.

So Dad, thank you for what you have told me about my companion. As you said the change is still gradual and he still continues to get extemely mad over simple things. As many people have described to me about my companion he likes to show how he knows everything and then fight it as much as possible even when you show from a higher source why it is this way. I try to have these discussions with patience and always refer back to Preach My Gospel, but he doesn{t like to listen. He has told me in his rare moments of real communication that he likes to make small things a huge deal, and that he\'s just an angry person. It makes things hard but we're learning. I'm trying to do my best in how I handle the situations and get out of it with as little anger as possible without compromising what we should be doing. It is extemely difficult to say the least. I was reading the talk about parenting today from the last conference and the story about the Mom who didn't want her kid playing video games and the husband who went completely against what she said. I could relate to this and it was a great reminder that although after awhile it becomes easier just to give in as the Mom had said, we can't do that, we need to say what's right and work towards that, obviously in a way that isn't self righteous or demeaning. It is an extemely hard balance and I'm trying to do my best. I've heard from others that he has fought with every single one of his companions and it had been much worse with some. Not that I'm talking about him to everyone else because that doesn't help anything, but people present this information to me freely. All this brought to mind advice that Dad has always given us kids about marriage. He said we should look for someone who has the same values as you do, or as Brother Marsh taught us in Personal Finance someone that is committed to Christ. If someone is not committed to the same goals as you, it makes finding a solution extemely difficult, but if you are both committed to the same goal or committed to Christ, it makes finding solutions to differences all that much easier, although differences still exist. I'm writing all my thoughts right now and I'm sorry if this has turned into a diary type email.

Anyways the Gonzalez family who intoduced us to Jorge now has us teaching the boyfriend of one of their grandaughters. He is also extremely positive and is progressing along quickly with a goal of baptism. This family is incredible and I have really developed a testimony of the members in missionary work. It always seems easy when the members are helping you.

In light of all these good things and difficult things I just want to comment on the talk that was given by the seventy from Sweden, I can't remember his name. Anyway he said that the rest in God which is talked about in the scriptures comes about with a faith and hope in Christ in light of any situation. This advice has helped me so much. We just need to have a little perspective and know that as we do what we are supposed to, everything will work out. This is a promise and as we have faith in this promise, we will feel hope in the hardest of situations. I love this gospel and how it has changed me and many people I've seen around me. It is hard to have this hope sometimes but necessary if we want to have this rest that the scriptues talk about.

Oh yeah, I stayed in my area. Things are going well, and the bishop is making some needed changes in the ward. I'm very excited about what is happening and am trying to do all I can to make sure everything run smoothly this month. Chimaltenango is great, I love this place. I love how seeing cows herded in the street by a 10 year old with an english shirt with profanities on it (which he has yet to realize because he just bought it at the equivalent of a Goodwill) is normal. I love when people yell out Gringo and I ask them where and they look confused. I love teaching people who want to hear us, and I love doing what I'm doing. It gets hard sometimes, but I wouldn't give up this experience for anything. I love you guys and thank for all your support!


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