Monday, January 10, 2011

Working hard!

Hey everyone!
The title of this email has absolutely no significance whatsoever, but it´s true. Look it up if you don´t believe me. First off, BRAD AND MICHELLE I¨M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO AND WILL!!!! I HOPE YOU CAN TELL BY MY ALL CAPPED LETTERS!!!! I am seriously so stoked to hear that you placed a job Brad and better yet you are in Salt Lake for when I return and keeping Grandpa company. I´m so happy. You guys rock and you are going to administrate like no one has administrated before. If you don´t... not even a possibility so I´m not going to finish this sentance.

Mom´s questions- Yes I have changes, we´ll find out tonight. I have no idea if I´ll be going anywhere, but all the Latinos think I´m going to the office because they tell that to everyone who has glasses, so I don´t think their opinion is of any value. In that matter at least, that wasn´t a racist comment. I love Latinos. Especially their mustaches. I could go to Solola (I have no idea how it is spelled because I have only heard it) which is higher in the mountains and more cold. I personally think I´ll stay here with my companion, but it´s better not to expect and just go with what happens.

This week my companion broke down and told me why he was giving me such a hard time. He told me he was having family problems and that was affecting him a lot. He also told me he was sorry for being so difficult and that he will try to do better. He also told me he wanted to hit me at one point for making a simple suggestion and that he was sorry for that haha. But he really has been trying harder in this week and we´ve beeen working so much more effectively. We still have our differences in opinion but the differences is that we can discuss it, and arrive at a decision together. I´ve learned a lot about patience this change and how to handle certain situations, and I´m glad he´s a lot happier now. He really has had a hard life and I hope his future will be brighter.

Anyways, in terms of investigators, I just have to say that our youth here in the ward are awesome. Jorge, the friend of a member who is 17 years old named Esau, is progressing quickly. What happend though is that we went to teach the Book of Mormon and found out that another youth, one of the young women, had already given him a Book of Mormon and that within 2 weeks he was within Alma. He is still young (17 as well) and doesn´t like to talk much about what he feels, especially in front of his friend in the lesson, but with reading half the Book of Mormon in 2 weeks, he obviously has a strong desire to know the truth. He is a real part of the group of friends in the church and I hope that he is baptized. Oh another thing, his Dad is a pastor. This could prove to be a problem but the fact that he doesn´t care that Jorge is attending church says a lot. He has never attended church with his Dad, so maybe he just doesn´t care much about what his kid does.

Also we have another family that we´re teaching. THe Chan family. No we are not in Japan, we are still in Guatemala. I don´t know why his name is Chan but it is. Carlos is someone who has searched for the truth a lot and is extremely intelligent. He and his wife had some problems with the Catholic church and left it because of soem doctrinal differences in their belief. They joined with and are very active in an evangelical church. This is hard, because they could be an incredible addition to the chruch because they are incredibly nice people and want to do what´s right, but they are very ingrained in the culture of their church. Carlos has some weird ideas about where authority comes from, but really what he needs to do is just sincerely pray to know what´s true. He wants to understand it logically and while it can be done, a logical testimony will never result in a lasting conversion. We also found another investigator through the members but have only taught him once named Dorian, but he has already attended and is very interested so we´ll see what happens (if I don´t have changes).

This ward is great, and I really love this little pueblo of Chimaltenango. I don´t want to leave, but we´ll see. I love you all and always thank you so much for your support (Michelle I´m a gonna write you next week). I´m hoping for some success soon, and am trying to work to make some baptisms happen. One of my goals is just to be able to have some lasting conversions which will result in generations of members. This would be so incredible and while maybe it is a little bit prideful, this is how the church will be established and I hope that we can find people to make it happen for. I love you all and will talk to next week!


P.s we had a party on pday in antigua that was at a house that was mini america, it was nuts. i loved it.

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