Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another week of happiness!

Hey everybody,
First things first, yes I DID recieve the package from the young women and wanted to write them a thank you card, but I am so backed up on writing letters I feel they would understand if I just told them through email. I loved what you sent me, it was very appreciated, and the latin elders in my district LOVED the american candy even though they were holding their stomachs afterwards. I also recieved the calender Mom, I love it, it is hanging up.

So this week Doris hit a big mile stone- she recieved her sure answer that all that we have been teaching was true. She was buying tortillas at a tortilleria (tortilla shop) and she turned around and saw us walking by. With a lot of excitement in her voice she yelled out "¡Elderes!" and ran over to us. She was so excited and I asked her what happened. She said, "It´s true! I know it is true!" She said the night before she was reading the Book of Mormon wondering why the elders wanted her to read and pray so bad. She said she liked the church and was content just going like she was, why did she need to pray? She opened the book and said she started having a lot of questions, why this book?, why Jospeh Smith?, etc. she flipped to 2 Nephi 28 and just started reading. She said she was filled with the desire to know if all of this was true. She said that she read the chapter with the question (or prayer I would call it) in her mind, "is this true?" She said she read some verses that filled her with a desire to change completely and totally, to be a good Mom, to go to church, to be baptized. She said it felt so good, there is no way it couldn´t be true. She said she started to tell her family that everything would be different and that she was going to be better.  She had a new radiance that we hadn´t seen before.

She wants to be baptized so bad. We just need to talk more iwth her husband Daniel so that they can get married. He wants to, but just needs a little motivation. He is very closed. He is friendly, but he does not want to open himself to the possiblity that this is possibly true. We will be praying for him to be softened a little. His wife and daughters want to be baptized so bad, I know that the Lord will make it possible.

This week other than that has been very good. We have so many possiblities for baptism in this month that I don´t have enough time to write about all of them. They are all good people and are sincerely trying to know. The members and our investigators have presented us to their friends and family and we are so excited for how this month is going to turn out. We are trying to do our best and plan effectively so that we can help them progress. I love you all very much and hope you have agreat day.