Monday, November 8, 2010

Fleas in my Bed!

Ben didn't mention what type of food is on the plate...
it looks like brain to me! I hope
he didn't have to eat it!

Service project of some sort!

Ben drinking out of his favorite cup from his
favorite brother...his mustache cup!

Hey All,

First off to answer Mom´s questions that everyone might want to know. I have a cook in my new area and the food is pretty good but she doesn´t make us that much. We didn´t have a cook for the first week, and we didn´t have gas so I was eating all my lunches by a microwave. I´m glad we have a cook to say the least. I don´t get too hungry because I always just buy a banana at night or something and have a snack when I get home at night. My new Ward is good but as always wards struggle here and more families that pay tithing are always needed. The meeting house is only about a 10 min walk, but our investigators live far away usually and no one has cars, or almost nobody so it makes it very hard to get people to church, or expensive because we have to pay for a tuk tuk or a bus for them. I have to ask President about that.

Anyways this week was difficult. I´m feeling happy go lucky right now, but last week was very difficult. First off I discovered fleas in my bed, so I´ve been having to spray my bed with prometherin which doesn´t seem to be working, but that wasn´t too bad because it´s just a few bites. That day I lost my White bible(this is something every missionary carries with them at all times and it has all of the rules of a mission in it) with my money and credit card in it. This was also the day that it first b├ęcame very cold, and was raining which is very rare for November. This or something I ate caused me to become sick the next day and I was exhausted and did not feel like working. It was a hard 2 or 3 days. But in those times of course we always learn something. The whole time I was walking and working and wanted to stop because I didn´t feel well, I thought of all the times the Savior probably wanted to stop, but he kept going. I thought of Joseph Smith and how almost all of his life was given to this work, and a lot of it wasn´t enjoyable. I then thought of D and C 121: 7- 8 I think it is where it says that our trials are but a small moment and that if we endure them well, we will be blessed for our efforts. That scripture has helped me a couple times in my mission and I know that our hard times will always lead to good times

Anyways I recieved a blessing from my companion, was better the next morning, found my credit card and White bible (it was returned to me by a man who wants a reward and keeps asking for money when the money that was in there is gone, it was only 2 dollars don´t worry) and my fleas are gone I think. So everything is good and I definitely am much more appreciative of my health in this moment. So the lesson I learned I guess is that sometimes it seems like something is never going to pass and it seems awful, but if we hang in there we´ll be blessed to get through it. Not my deepest insight but it was significant to me at the time haha.

Other than that I´m getting to know the area more which is good. Our main investigator right now is young family, family Cinfuegos. They're a young couple with a child. Their names are Dany and Mabelle and their mom's brother and sister are recent converts. They really want to know the truth but they are struggling to find an answer for themselves. They have a few doubts about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith because she comes from strong roots of Evangelical. But anyways keep them in your prayers and I'll tell you more next week!

Sorry for the pretty lame letter this week, I´m kind of ashamed, I hope it didn´t depress you. I´m happy right now so that´s all that matters, and we´re going to work hard this week to make things happen in our area! I love you all!


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