Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giant in Guatemala

Hey Everybody
I'm stressing right now because I don't have much time because I recieved a lot of email this week but first off I want to answer Mom's questions. Also sorry about no pictures this cafe is awful, but you have a DVD coming in the mail that I checked if it worked so maybe we can just do it that way. First Mom I have hot water! Finally, it was awful in the mornings and I think my voice increased 3 octaves. Well okay maybe it was worth it because I now am the only man in the world that can sing that high. Also, yes I'm a giant here in Guatemala, everyone is short haha. A lot of things such as the showers, bus seats etc, are built for Guatemalans so lets just say I'm grateful that I'm not any taller. Also I often do feel very spoiled in America. Especially when people aske me what I like to do and I tell them skiing, boating, etc. It's just a different world but it helps that they expect all white people to be rich. When I say I'm rich it's compared to the lifestyle here.
Speaking of the lifestyle here I talked a lot about that to a guy from Ireland for half an hour on the bus here. He's a guy who just travels the world one month out of every year. He's nuts. He doesn't know spanish, and is traveling by himself. What courage eh? Anyways something we both noticed when we first got here is there isn't poverty here like in Africa. Everyone eats which says something. For some it's only rice and beans, but they're living compared to poverty in other countries. I actually have a lot of neighborhoods here with some money. It's a really weird mixture of middle class and poor, with the definitions of middle class and poor being extremely skewed compared to America. Anyways the guy was traveling and we talked a lot about the church and I gave him the website to Mormon.org because that's all I could do. I hope he checks it out, because he was really interested and was a good person.

Okay so an update on this week quickly. I'm getting to know the area better which allows me to contribute more with my companion which feels good. I can give ideas and not just follow along because I don't know anyone or where anything is. Elder Alberto and I are working much better now too. He has seen that we need to work hard and isn't giving me anymore trouble for the most part. He doesn't let me have a say in some things but I'm working to contribute however I can and hope that it's my best. The problems with Chimaltenango is the influence of the mountains. THe people are a little more closed to our message, so we just need to work all that much hard to have people listen.
Anyways I just want to tell you that I had a man stand and yell an evangelical prayer at me the other day and it was terrifying. I don't know know if I already told you about that but it was scary. SOrry I don't have any solid investigators to tell you about right now but we're working our hardest and making progress. I love you all and miss you! Hopefully pictures next week!


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