Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 16...God does answer prayers, we just need to be patient sometimes

Hey family!
First off, I would love to run the half marathon in August. It might destroy me and skinny famished body, but I will do my best. Just kidding I`m not famished, I`m just skinny thank you to the good `ol Guatemalan coast. Also Mom, it is only a few hours from one end of our mission to the other in car, I wouldn`t be able to tell you how many, and the roads depend on where you are just like the States. The "freeways" are generally good, some little downs have stone paved roads, others are just dirt and rocks,etc.

I can`t believe Anne is in my country. No, I haven`t renounced my citizenship in the United States I`ve just claimed another country as my own. I love hearing about her first experiences there, I remember how weird it is. I`m praying for her and I hope that all is well.

This week was really really humbling and gratifying all at the same time. From Monday to Friday, last week was extremely difficult and nothing went how we wanted ti to go. We were trying so hard and everything we were trying was falling through, everything was just going bad. I had this calm feeling that everything was going to work out, I just needed to wait. It didn`t get better immediately after my many prayers, but I that feeling that it would just be okay. To make a long story short, Saturday everyone was in their house when they said they would and we were able to invite many people to church. The most incredible thing was to see six investigators come to church after we had prayed so hard that the people we were teaching could be softened to go. Thomas and Michelle went, a new family we are teaching based off of a member referral (they are the Peña Corado family, and they are increidbly humble), and a man from the Dominican Republic named Dany that is really hard to understand. I felt so grateful Sunday as I saw that the Lord was blessing us for all our hard work, what I didn`t know is that is was going to get better.

We left Sunday after lunch to go work. An appointment fell through and we felt the need to go to the Peña`s house who had gone to church for the first time that day instead of go where we had planned. They are a family we found  last week after a member named Marta gave us the referral; the father`s name is Douglas (dooglas), the mother`s name is Marìa and the kids are Carla (11), Alison (4), and Hessler (2). We stopped by and they let us in. We went in said a prayer, and just asked them how they felt in church. The spirit was there incredibly strong the moment we made the question. They said they felt something different, a peace that they hadn`t felt before. We asked them if they felt that this was their answer that they should be baptized. Douglas with incredible humility told us that is exactly what he wanted to do but he didn`t know if he was capable. We asked him to pray to see if this is what he should do the 27th and he kneeled down and prayed. The spirit was so strong, it was one of the most humble prayers I`ve ever heard. We asked them how they felt and they both wanted to do it.

After that we went to our appointement with Thomas and Michelle. TO make a long story short. We asked him if in his time he had felt the need to be baptized. He said that he wanted to. They are now going to be baptized the 27th. We are so grateful for how the Lord has blessed us in this week. God answers prayers, but in his time.


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