Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 8.... Another week gone by

Hey family!

Mom`s questions: Coralia`s daughters are members and she doesn`t have a husband. Michelle is 13 (Thomas's daughter)  Yes it has been very rare to teach educated people, but there a lot in my area because there is a lot of money here. Elder Ardon has 9 months and he is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

This week was very good for a few reasons. I feel like this week I made a few very good realizations about the area I`m in. It is interesting that the Lord has put me in an area where the work will be very foreign to how I worked in the coast for my last few months, but I am grateful, it has kept me learning and humble because everything is new. After contacting like crazy with Elder Ardon and having zero success one day, I felt the need to look through the Area Book again and really analyze it. I did and I noticed that the elders that have had success here have had success off of member references. I feel that the key to our work here will be short frequent contact with the members, because the "enter every house you contact" of the coast will not be too effective here. Elder Ardon and I have been praying to find new investigators that will progress (we can find a lot, but most are just being nice and don`t want to listen) and the Lord has been answering those prayers. One of the members opened up a residencial area called "Planes de Barcenas" that has never been touched. She got the board of the colony to sign a letter letting us proselyte there including knocking doors and everything. I will be going with my Zone Leader on divisions today to enter and work in the area where missionaries have never been before, something that will be fun to see. Also we have been using the members more and they have been giving us references. We are very excited about a few. I feel very confident that everything will work out in this area and that we will be shocked at how hard the Lord has been working so that we can see the success he wants us to have here.

Coralia was not baptized. She said that she wants to feel more ready. It is hard to see what is truly holding her back, but we will keep praying and being patient.

Thomas and Michelle love church. They are going to go on the temple visit this Saturday with the ward to see the temple. The wife still doesn`t want to go to church, but she listened to us for the first time Sunday. Thomas still has some strange ideas and doesn`t want to commit to be baptized, but the Lord is working with him, it is easy to see that.

I feel more and more grateful everyday for the personal relationship each and everyone of us can have with our Father in Heaven. We all have specific challenges, we all go through ups and downs, and feel like sometimes things are going how we would like. I know that God is real and that he answers prayers. In any moment that we have a question and feel like we cannot do this on our own, it is because we probably can`t as Elder Eyring said, but when we pray to God, everything will work out.

I love you all!

-I think I `m good with the car, lets do it!

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